Premium Watercooling Solutions

  • Systems Mod

    LUXE Systems Mod

    Plug & Play

    PREMIUM WATERCOOLING build your PC Gamer according to your configuration / customization and deliver the fully-assembled.

  • Case Mod

    LUXE Case Mod

    Do It Yourself

    Order the PREMIUM WATERCOOLING chassis and assemble your individual system yourself.

  • Accessories


    Add-On Options

    This is our collection of products compatible for BitFenix Cases (Prodigy / Phenom / Colossus M).


Carved logo with unique serial number edition on the top right window, we've used a 4mm thick piece of Acrylic glass that's flush mounted with the side panel exterior surface.

On the inside, we've added a frame of black carbon vinyl around the window that covers the area where the mounting fixing would be visible from the inside.

Cable Management

LUXE Case Mod & Systems Mod features integrated cable management systems so you get a clean, absent of cable clutter and unsightly wires.

Custom Cables

PREMIUM WATERCOOLING systems exclusively use Be Quiet ! Straight Power 10 power supply. The cables are custom-tailored with braided sleeves for the BitFenix Prodigy chassis. This avoids any cable excess and can be configured with different color for the drives cable (SSD/HDD/Blu-ray) and 4-pin/8-pin CPU in black, white, orange or red.


A part of the PW Mod is meticulously crafted using precision methods and tolerances. We've created a Structural Midplate, HDD Structure Assembly (accommodates 1x 3.5 HDDs, 2x SSDs, a optical drive) and Panel management cache.

We designed a sober aluminium midplate, coating carbon fiber to provide an aesthetically clean surface to the base of the Prodigy's upper section.


A unique insight into the world of modding for BitFenix cases... We developed a reservoir suspended exquisite, extraordinary both inside and out of case.

When conceptualizing the reservoir bracket, our choice was made in favor of POM acetal material which constitutes the best solution in durable and resistant.

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