• Our philosophy

    Driven by a passion of creativity, originality, we create singular computers, unpublished alliances of know-how and technology.

    PREMIUM WATERCOOLING develops a range of products where two senses (hearing, sight), never deceive us... Elegance and performance coexist in all harmony. A new sober concept that requires the need for a unique customization.

  • The founder, a creative craftsman


    Cedric French modder, computer buff, I decided naturally to go into the modding and watercooling. By discovery, I started in 2007 on a Lancool K1 from a complete watercooling kit. Immediately, originality of cooling and style convinced me to pursue in more customization. The desire to stand out has never left me (on SilverStone TJ07 Mod projects among others)...

    Share, assert my achievements of Mods helped to launch PREMIUM WATERCOOLING. The dream of associating exclusive rigid copper pipes and acrylic with a configuration of choice given to the high end, is achieved by highlighting the BitFenix Prodigy and soon on the SilverStone FT05.

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