LUXE Case Mod

Change Color White Black Orange Red

From BitFenix modded case by PW, choose the color and assemble your individual system yourself... Compatible with our other accessories!

Cooling Performance

Pre-equipped (fillport + sensor)

Delivery tracking

48h - 1week in the Worldwide
From : 139,00 € Select
  • Mini-ITX Case elegant and surprising!

    Sized for powerful configurations and easily transportable!
    PREMIUM WATERCOOLING brings a personal touch for keeping the finesse, the design and functionality of the Prodigy. We created an innovative, unique mounting solution that utilizes a specific bracket for easy installation the reservoir and pump.
    This case is optimized for high-end components and specialized for both watercooling and air cooling.

    PREMIUM WATERCOOLING bears the seal of its exclusivity, identified by an uniquely numbered etched on the window.

    Depending on your needs, for a custom installation, we can adjust the components and accessories that you want


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