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16GB DDR4 - 512GB / 1TB SSD


3 135,00 €

Special Offer Special Offer
Chassis Chassis
Interior Cabling Interior Cabling
Black & White
Black & Orange
Black & Red

Cable sleeving high density (MDPC-X) for a harmonious style managements cables, SATA cables, power supply...

Power Supply Power Supply
Be Quiet ! Straight Power 10 700W CM 80PLUS Gold

The Straight Power 10 CM 700W with sleeved cable lengths for improved cooling offers silent running by SilentWings 3 fan, without facing the slightest compromise in power quality!

Processor Processor
Intel i7-8700K - 6-Core/12-Thread, 3.7 / 4.7 GHz Turbo, 12 MB Cache
Motherboard Motherboard
Graphics Card Graphics Card
MSI™ GeForce GTX 1070 SEA HAWK EK X 8 GB
MSI™ GeForce GTX 1080 SEA HAWK EK X 8 GB
- Add 300,00 €

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 to 1080 cards with 4-8 GB memory for highest-end gaming, video editing and 4K performance! - Waterblock EK with Backplate

Extreme Cooling Extreme Cooling
Full Watercooling EK (CPU + GPU)

PW Custom Liquid Cooling solution for ultimate silent operation an aesthetics was created with our Phobya reservoir bracket. The cooling comprises 3 radiators with 3 Be Quiet ! Silent Wings 3 120mm fans and Phobya DC12-220 pump. - Tell us if you want Waterblocks EK Plexi or Acetal

Tubing Tubing
Clear - Rigid acrylic tube
Memory Memory
16 GB (2x8 GB) - Kingston™ HyperX Predator 3200 MHz CL16 DDR4

HyperX DDR4 memories are aimed to maximum performance with the new heatsink Kingston Predator which features a vented designed for performance.

SSD System Drive SSD System Drive
512 GB Samsung 860 PRO SSD

The Samsung SSD 860 PRO is equipped with an innovative 3D V-NAND architecture which provides the best read rates and sequential writing of this class of devices!

Storage Drive Storage Drive
500 GB Samsung 860 EVO SSD
1 TB Samsung 860 EVO SSD
- Add 230,00 €
3D Blu-Ray Driver (Writes to DVD/CD) 3D Blu-Ray Driver (Writes to DVD/CD)
ASUS™ BC-12D2HT Black

For movie buffs, the BC-12D2HT supports videos in 3D for even more entertainment! - Sold without reading software

Operating System Operating System
Microsoft® Windows® 10 Professional - 64-Bit
- Add 150,00 €

Discover Windows 10, more beautiful, more flexible, more to your image.

The quality

Our primary objective...

The requirement of PREMIUM WATERCOOLING is transcribed by a spirit of rigorous permanent working methods and monitoring designs.

To ensure the quality of its products, PREMIUM WATERCOOLING performs numerous tests at each step of assembly (detection: system instability, hardware problem).

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  • Europe - 2 to 5 business days
  • USA, Canada, Asia, Oceania - 4 to 6 business days

  • France - 1 business day
  • DOM/TOM - 2 to 6 business days
  • Europe - 2 to 5 business days
  • USA, Canada, Asia, Oceania - 4 to 6 business days

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