PW Pump

With its shifted pump bracket, easily install the pump nearly to PSU, for a better integration of your watercooling loop...

Design for BitFenix

Prodigy / Phenom / Colossus M

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39,00 €

Pump (400 l/h - 17.2 dB) Pump (400 l/h - 17.2 dB)
Phobya DC12-220 12Volt (incl. pump) with black cable sleeve and custom brackets

Reliable and quiet, this product of compact design is the ideal choice for intensive cooling in an environment where space is small as in BitFenix mini-itx case. Comes with screws and anti-vibration pads

  • Support

    POM acetal material (8mm thick)

  • Dimensions with support (LxHxW)

    70 x 90 x 45mm

  • Other Info

    You can change your Sleeving Color (orange, red, white...), contact us by email

  • Warranty

    1 year

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